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You would like to learn Excel, have a deeper understanding of Word or next week create an Access Database? Our Online-Courses enable you to work with new programs more quickly than ever before.

With our Video training it is possible to utilize over 1000 high quality instructional Videos, which our experienced trainers have created.

Within these Videos you will find practical examples of all the program functions. When you call up a Video, first load the attached sample files onto your computer and open it in your application. Then start the Video and follow our instructions.

The Video can be started and stopped, run forwards or backwards or newly loaded at any time. You always reach your goal! enables you to learn whenever you have time or interest. Our Online-Service is always available to you in the office or at home.

Try it out! Simply choose from the Menus a course that interests you and start a Demo Video free of charge.



One year
excellent support
eg. Access:

Online Courses,
(Beginner, Advanced, Expert)
Special Topics
only 79.90 EUR
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